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Boutique Air is hiring Captains and First Officers to fly the PC-12 and King Air 350 throughout the country. The PC-12 and King Air 350 is operated in the executive and commuter configuration to accommodate scheduled airline service and charter operations throughout the the US, Canada, and Mexico. Currently the King Air is only operated in Denver along with the PC-12, but will be expanding to DFW and other locations in the near future. Boutique Air offers excellent Health, Dental, and Vision insurance benefits. Captains are given raises yearly on a bonus pay scale system that is paid out every 6 month interval. Boutique Air offers various upgrade incentives for those First Officers who have been with the company for at least 9 months. Boutique Air pays full pay from the very first day of ground training. Please apply with the links below. PC-12 and/or King Air 350 experience is not required.

The Professional Difference:

Boutique Air operations utilize a two crew operation hinged on Crew Resource Management (CRM) and standardization. Our crew concept is modeled after the industry standards utilizing checklists, call outs, flows, and Standard Operating Practices (SOP's). We have a Flight Standards Manual that covers every aspect of our flight operation. Safety is our number one priority!

Training Pay: We now pay full pay for all pilots from the very first day of ground school!

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP): Boutique Air will pay for your ATP Multiengine rating and CPT prerequisite for the ATP when upgrading or transitioning to the King Air 350. Most of our King Air 350 First Officers receive an Pilot in Command (PIC) Type Rating even though they fly the right seat until they are ready to upgrade.

Captain Referral Bonuses: Boutique Air is rolling out a referral program for street Captain recommendations that are hired and complete training.

Current Fleet: 21 PC-12 aircraft + 4 King Air 350 aircraft, and growing each month.

Upgrade Times: Currently 4 to 6 months.

New Hire Street Captains: All new hire street Captains receive a $1000.00 hiring bonus that is paid out after 1 month of employment!

Pilots: Over 160+ pilots and counting.

Pilot Domiciles: Atlanta (KATL), Baltimore (KBWI), Denver (KDEN), Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW), Phoenix (KPHX), Los Angeles (KLAX), Minneapolis (KMSP), Portland (KPDX), and Baltimore (KBWI). Baltimore and Denver (KDEN) are the Junior bases at this time, but it is possible to be hired for other open domiciles.

Industry Leading Health/Dental/Vision Insurance: United Health, dental, and vision care, PPO, 500 deductible/year, 80/20 coverage, employee premium paid by Boutique Air at 100% (nothing is taken out of your check), and family/spouse premium paid by Boutique Air at 50%.

Schedules: Preferential Bidding System. 10-14 days off a month with a goal of at least 12.

Open Time/Trip Trade: All pilots have access to system wide open time. This means you can pick up flying in advance that is unassigned to another pilot. Boutique Air also allows for pilots to trip trade.

CASS/Jumpseat (Cockpit Access Security System): Boutique Air participates in CASS and MyIDTravel at no cost to the pilot. SWA, American Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Virgin America are among some of our reciprocal agreements. We grow the jumpseat program every month.

401K: At one year of employment there is a two percent match.

Pay Scales:

Denver (KDEN) and Los Angeles (KLAX) receive cost of living adjustments on top of the pay scale and every pilot will make more in wages if they fly above the 80 hour minimum monthly guarantee.

PC12 Captain Base Rate
Hourly Monthly Guarantee Yearly Guarantee Amount
$62.50 80 hours/month $60,000.00
B300 Captain Base Rate
Hourly Monthly Guarantee Yearly Guarantee Amount
$72.92 80 hours/month $70,000.00
PC12 First Officer Base Rate
Hourly Monthly Guarantee Yearly Guarantee Amount
$26.00 80 hours/month $24,960.00
B300 First Officer Base Rate
Hourly Monthly Guarantee Yearly Guarantee Amount
$26.75 80 hours/month $25,680.00
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Business Development Manager

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Boutique Air is seeking an experienced Business Development Manager based in San Francisco. Applicants should have 3-5 years of experience in business development. Preference will be given to applicants with experience in the travel sector and/or the Bay Area. Interested applicants should send their resume and favorite travel story to .

Boutique Air is now hiring for Customer Service Agents in Massena (New York), Albany (New York), and Baltimore (Maryland). To view these postings, please click here .

For all other postings, please see bellow: