Passenger Property Claim

Though Boutique Air carefully handles and transports our customers′ luggage, your checked baggage may show evidence of wear based on normal handling. If you believe Boutique Air damaged your checked baggage, please review this page to see how to report your claim.

Boutique Air is not liable for the destruction, loss or damage of any baggage caused by:

  • Inherent defect of baggage
  • Poor quality of baggage
  • Baggage being over-packed
  • Ordinary wear and tear

If you’re still at the airport...

Report damaged baggage to the airline Customer Service Agent, located at the ticket counter area, immediately after your flight. A Boutique Air representative will examine your damaged baggage and you will receive a file number. You will then be asked to complete a damaged baggage claim form.

If you’ve left the airport...

For Boutique Air-operated flights, damaged baggage must be viewed by and reported in person at the airport Customer Service Agent within 24 hours after flight arrival to be eligible for repair or replacement. If your flight was not operated by Boutique Air, please contact the airline that operated your flight