Swiss-built, modern, safe

Boutique Air operates a modern fleet of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. The Pilatus PC-12 is a product of Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. The company, founded in 1939, has built more than 1,200 PC-12 aircraft since the first model's introduction in 1994. Recognized for its world-class engineering and safety ratings, the PC-12 continues to be a very popular choice with charter and scheduled air carriers.



The amenities

Our aircraft have amenities designed to make the flying experience as comfortable as it gets, including leather seats, power outlets, and an enclosed lavatory. Second in comfort only to your living room.



Quiet you can feel

In addition to the quiet design to the PC-12 out of the factory, Boutique Air added custom soundproofing to its aircraft cabin, making it one of the most quiet cabins you can fly in. Avoid the loud noises of commercial aircraft, arrive at your destination well-rested.



High-performance, simple, reliable

Boutique Air recently added a fleet of Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft. The King Air 350 is a product of Textron Aviation. The company has delivered more than 250,000 aircraft, in more than 143 countries around the world, including 3,100 King Air aircraft since the model’s first flight in 1963. Recognized for its continuous enhancement, the King Air 350 is one of the top business turboprop aircraft on the market.

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