Baggage Allowance: Each passenger is allowed 1 Personal Item and one of the following: 1 Gate Checked Bag OR 1 Checked Bag. Baggage outside of this allowance falls under the Excess Baggage policy.  
  Personal Item Carry-on & Checked Baggage Excess Baggage Oversized Baggage/Special Items
Dimensions 9 in x 10 in x 17 in (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm) Standard Rollaboard:   9 in x 14 in x 22 in (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm) including handles and wheels. Standard Rollaboard:   9 in x 14 in x 22 in (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm) including handles and wheels. All bags that exceed the ‘Carry-on & Checked Baggage' dimensions. Maximum of 62 linear inches.
Description Must be held in lap for entirety of flight. Examples: Small purse, shoulder laptop bag, small backpacks. Placed in the luggage compartment. Includes TSA/Ticket Counter and 'Gate Checked' bags. Carry on bags exceeding the personal item dimensions will be ‘gate checked’. Space is limited, so we encourage a modest size for all additional baggage. If we are unable to accommodate the baggage needs of all passengers on a single flight, we will include additional bags on the next space available flight out. Baggage that is outside of our policy, will be the passengers responsibility to pick up from the Airline when it arrives at it's destination. Items greater than 48 inches in length may not fit on the aircraft. Includes: large suitcases, strollers, car seats, sporting equipment, snow gear, bicycles, firearms, etc.
      Note: All Excess Baggage and Oversized Baggage travels on a standby/space available status.
Price $0 $0 $0 $0
Weight The combined weight of all baggage (personal and checked) should not exceed 50 lbs. per passenger. Total baggage or individual baggage in excess of 50 lbs travels on a standby/space available status. Individual items over 70 lbs will not be accepted.
  • Boutique Air does not charge baggage fees.
  • A 'Personal Item' must be small enough to sit on the passenger's lap for the duration of the flight; our flights cannot accommodate overhead or underseat luggage. All other baggage must be checked with Boutique Air at the gate or ticket counter for loading into the luggage compartment.
  • We are happy to accept excess baggage at no additional cost on a space-available basis. Because storage capacity is limited, we are unable to guarantee all excess baggage for each passenger for each flight. If a passenger's extra baggage exceeds available space, we will include it on the next space available flight. NOTE: If a passenger is connecting to another airline carrier, passengers will need to abide by that carriers baggage policy.
  • Connecting Flights: United Airlines ticket holders with a connecting flight from sterile/TSA locations: If you have a ticket purchased from under one confirmation number, your checked baggage will automatically be transferred between United Airlines and Boutique Air flights, per United Airlines interline agreement. If your flight originates from a non-sterile location, you must reclaim and recheck your baggage with United.
  • Connecting Flights other than United Airlines: If you will be connecting on another flight operated by a different airline, you are responsible for retrieving your bags from baggage claim before re-boarding. As with travel between separate airlines, your baggage will not be transferred automatically.
Maximum Baggage Liability

For Domestic Carriage Liability for loss, delay or damage to checked baggage, or any baggage or personal item which is taken into custody by Boutique Air, is limited to the fair market value at the time of the loss, damage or delay and will not exceed:

(1) for on-line travel solely on Boutique Air with no connecting service, $500 per Passenger;

(2) for interline travel where the Boutique Air flight segment is included on the same ticket as a connecting flight segment of another airline with an aircraft of more than 60 seats, $3,500 per Passenger as per federal rules; and

(3) for interline travel where the Boutique Air flight segment is included on the same ticket as a connecting flight segment of another airline with an aircraft of 60 seats or less, $500 per Passenger.

Boutique Air assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to unchecked, carry-on baggage, or carry-out baggage, unless the loss or damage occurred while in the sole custody of Boutique Air or was caused by the sole negligence or willful misconduct of Boutique Air.

Special Items


  • The limit of two carry-on bags does not apply to medical supplies, equipment and mobility aids.
  • Pack all medications in your carry-on baggage in their original, labelled containers to facilitate airport security and customs screening. Prescription medication is exempted from the liquid restrictions but must be presented to the screening officer separately from your carry-on baggage.
  • Do not try to save luggage space by combining medications into a single container.
  • Please avoid placing your critical medication in your checked bag. Checked bags go thru extensive airport operation screenings once any airline checks a bag at a ticket counter. After checked bags are sent for screening, they are now placed in the hands of the TSA until your bag is cleared and they return the property to the airline.

Car Seats: To be used in flight, the seat must conform to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle standards and display such. If manufactured after February 2, 1985, the seat must be certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft. The accompanying adult is responsible for ensuring that the seat functions correctly, that the child does not exceed the seat's limitations, that the child is properly secured in the seat and that the child seat is secured to the aircraft seat. Boutique Air does not reserve space for government-approved child seats, unless a ticket has been purchased for that seat. If space is available after boarding is completed, customers may use adjacent unused seats to secure the government-approved child seat.

High Value, Fragile Items: Boutique Air recommends that you do not pack high-value, fragile or perishable items in your checked baggage. Boutique Air will accept such items as carry-on baggage (subject to carry-on baggage size and allowances) or as checked baggage (subject to checked baggage size and allowances). If you choose to pack high-value, fragile or perishable items in or as checked baggage, Boutique Air is not liable for the loss of, damage to or delay in delivery of such items.

Wheelchairs: Most wheelchairs will not fit within the cargo hold of a Boutique Air flight. Wheelchairs that completely fold will are considered a 'Special Item' and are subject to the rules of 'Oversized Baggage/Special Items'. Powered wheelchairs are not accepted on Boutique Air flights.

Sports Equipment/ Musical Instruments: Use discretion and caution when planning to travel with large items. Reference ‘Oversized Baggage/Special Items’ Policy.

Dry Ice: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) per package and per passenger. Packages must NOT be air tight and must allow the release of carbon dioxide gas. When in checked baggage, the package must be marked "Dry ice" or "Carbon dioxide, solid" and marked with the net quantity of dry ice, or an indication that it is 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) or less.

Wet ice will not be accepted.

Remains: Only cremated human remains.

Hoverboards: Not allowed

Electronic Cigarettes: Are not to be used in flight and will not be placed in any checked or gate checked luggage. Any such device

must remain on your person for the flight.

Portable Oxygen Devices: Must be approved by the FAA.

Hazardous Material: Not accepted on any commercial flights.

Firearms: Firearms need to be declared at the airport ticket counter and will need to be in a hard sided locked case per TSA regulations. The firearm must travel with the passenger and can not travel on a standby/space available status; please use discretion for larger firearms due to this restriction. Visit the TSA website for more information.   Firearms will be accepted only from a customer who is 18 years of age or older.


Damaged Baggage

Report a claim Though Boutique Air carefully handles and transports our customers′ luggage, your checked baggage may show evidence of wear based on normal handling. If you believe Boutique Air damaged your checked baggage, please review this page to see how to report your claim.    


What is a Gate Check bag? Usually standard rollaboard size or smaller that can be taken through TSA screening. It is checked with the Boutique Air gate agent prior to boarding and the passenger receives their gate checked bag at the gate at their destination. TSA Rules?

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