Baggage Policy

Baggage Guidelines

Boutique Air does not charge baggage fees.

All carryon luggage must be small enough to sit on the passenger's lap for the duration of the flight; our flights cannot accommodate overhead or underseat luggage. All other baggage must be checked with Boutique Air at the gate or ticket counter for loading into the luggage compartment.

We are happy to accept extra baggage at no additional cost on a space-available basis. Because storage capacity is limited, we are unable to guarantee all excess baggage for each passenger for each flight. If a passenger's extra baggage exceeds available space, we will include it on the next available flight.*

Personal Item Carry On Baggage Additional Baggage
Description Each traveler may bring on board a personal item such as a purse, backpack, or laptop bag. We will accept additional baggage. However, we cannot guarantee available space for additional baggage on every flight.*
Size/Dimensions 9 in x 10 in x 17 in
(22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm)
9 in x 14 in x 22 in
(22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm)
including handles and wheels.
Space is limited, so we encourage a modest size for all additional baggage. If we are unable to accommodate the baggage needs of all passengers on a single flight, we will include additional bags on the next available flight out.*
Price $0 - No additional cost
Weight The combined weight of all baggage may not exceed 50 lbs. per passenger.
*IMPORTANT: Airports that do not allow extra baggage to be stored:
  • Denver, CO (DEN) 
  • Salt Lake city, UT (SLC)

Connecting Flights

If you will be connecting on another flight operated by another airline, you are responsible for retrieving your bags from baggage claim before re-boarding. As with travel between separate airlines, your baggage will not be transferred automatically.

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